Little Butterfly - a poem about baby loss

I lived my life inside you
Cocooned in all your love
So mama, papa, please don't cry
I'm still with you, just up above

I felt your every heartbeat
It's my sweetest melody
And for every heavenly bedtime
The Angels play it back to me

I know how much that I am wanted
I feel so very blessed
Of all the mummy's in all the world
I got the very best!

You think of me in all your waking hours,
And on those sleepless nights
Just look out the window and you'll find me
The brightest star, the most dazzling light

I'm that little breeze in the summer
And I'm that unexpected white feather
I plucked it from my downy wings
So that you remember we are always together

I know how much It hurt your soul
When we had to say goodbye
But I'm not gone, in always here
Im your sweet little butterfly.

- Amy Farquhar

In memory of Alfie James Farquhar

Little Butterfly - a poem about baby loss
About the Artist

Written for our angel Alfie ❤️