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Speak up mommy can't hear you.


I wake up, sit up, feel a swift rush of air. 

Your whispers feel cold tonight, they're almost too hard to hear.
Speak up please, mommy can't hear you so well. 
There is so much noise around you, 
I'm afraid I'll miss what you have to tell. 
Come closer baby, I know your there. 
Come here honey, 
Snuggle me, 
Mommy is right here. 
Me too. 
I miss everything we never had
I still love you so much 
I grieve for moments we never  shared. I'm losing my mind and I don't care!

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About the Artist

I am Sandra Homer, Founder & Owner of HEAVENSBOOK ANGELS as well as the Patent Owner of The Halo Commemorative Bracelet (patent was aporoved in April of 2016 #D754-020.) My son Jayce passed away in 2007 & since then I have chosen to honor his memory through grief support, authoring and jewelry design.

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