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Burial Rites

Turning Your Loved One's Ashes Into a Diamond

We all hope that we will live together with our loved ones – and die together with them. Sometimes, however, fate is not together with us – and our loved one is suddenly no longer with us. They have gone into a world where we can’t reach them, and all that remains in this world for us are their ashes.

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What About Their Ashes????

Often times in my journey there is a common question that comes up. What about their ashes? I don't want to share their ashes is that okay? I want to share their ashes in numerous places is that okay? I just can't seem to part with their ashes and I feel like I am not honoring their wishes, what do I do?

Ashes Release Prayer Poem

As the wind picks up your ashes

And they fly throughout the air

Loving the Missing

I recently visited my daughter Hannah's grave.  I have not been there for many years.  I do what I always do. I lay on the grass and remember her hands.  
My sister Laura helps me wash and decorate the gravestone.  We eat a picnic and share memories of Hannah.

Maybe It's My Inherently Petty Character

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