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Death of Girlfriend

Yes, I do still talk to my Husband

Yes, I DO still talk to my husband



When I grow up...
I want to be hooked on drugs..
I want to beat up my Father...
And act like a thug

I want to steal from my parents...
I want to steal from my friends...
Heck I'll take money from Grandma..
Who will care in the end?

We can always create a new reality

Grief has many lessons. One of them is the opportunity to re-create ourselves from scratch because it has the power to take what we are, what we thought we were meant to be to a far away place. A place that we felt we would never be able to go.


We are stuck with a new reality, a reality that we don’t like.


Every Body Has A Spirit

Every Body Has a Spirit

That The Human Eye Can't See

When We Leave This Mortal Earth 

Our Spirit Is Set Free

The Loves We Shared Upon This Earth

With Our Spirit Still Remain

And Will Go On Forever

Until We Meet Those Loves Again

People Have So Many Questions

Unspoken Words Still Fill Their Head

Always Remember Your Loved One

Your Angel Anniversary

It's your 'Angel Anniversary'

Can't believe how time has passed

Seems like yesterday I saw you

Never dreamt it would be the last

You left such special memories

Many hearts were broken too

I can't stop my tears from falling

I Can't stop my tears from falling

In an instant they seem to flow

Pain it strikes right through me

Not wanting to let go

At times when I am all alone

And it's pouring down outside



Even if you hold their hand,
While they take their final breath..,
It doesn't ease the pain at all,
Can't keep tears from being wept

Even if you kiss their cheek..
And get to say goodbye,

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