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HOLIDAYS - When Old Pain Becomes Fresh Again

Pain runs deep. Grief scars are powerful, and sink into the darkest recesses of the heart. Catastrophic wounds can throw us into survival mode for a while.

No matter how old the wound, with the right trigger, the pain can become incredibly fresh again.

Grief is like that. And it’s especially challenging during the holiday season.

"Passing the Test" In loving memory of...

"Michael B.

"Passing the Test" In loving memory of...

"Michael B.

Easter Mourning and Elephants

Easter Mourning and Elephants

Pastel colors, daffodils, shiny new shoes, hats with yellow ribbons, white belts, hugs, hardboiled eggs and bunnies; the hams in the oven and the songbirds are chirping  it is Easter morning…but for some it’s also an Easter mourning.


An Easter Gift For You

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