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Keys (Poem)

We pass these keys, to cease this journey

Our mind freezes, admiring the ceilings

Concealing these feelings of loss

Seemingly tossed inside a soulless world

Never taught how to sew the hurt

Yes, life is a tough tour

Although, we seek guides to countour

This maze which consumes the brain

Healing with Memorial Bookmarks

Grief is a natural response to losing a loved one. Your emotional response is very personal and takes time.  Healing happens gradually; it can’t be forced or hurried.  What is important is that whatever your experience is, you need to be patient with yourself and allow your heart to follow the course that is best for you.

Explaining Jewish Mourning Traditions & Rituals

When a member of your community passes away, it’s a difficult but important time to be present. Judaism is one of the many faith traditions that has rituals designed to bring people together as support for mourners who need time to grieve.

Jewish Guide to Shiva Practices and Helping Your Friend in Mourning


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About the Author

Lisa roamed across the globe teaching and working as a community organizer before arriving in San Francisco, a place she now calls home. She lives 22 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean and enjoys spending Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, spending time with family and walking on the beach.

The Anniversaries You Wish You Didn't Have to Face

As I write this, two anniversaries are on my mind. One today -- one tomorrow. 
It was eighteen years ago that I had the honor of giving my sister a kidney. Not an easy decision, but though there were challenges I didn't foresee, I am so grateful for the experience.

I Live For Those I've Lost Along the Way

Take the very best of those you have lost and bring it out into the world in their honor.
Carry on where they no longer can and shine your light for them. Listen for the whispers in your mind of their words and trust they are always with you because you keep their memory alive with the life that you live.
~J.V. Manning

Father's Day, 2012

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What to Do When You've Had Enough of Grief

Grief takes time and it usually takes much longer than we think.  This is not because the old adage of “Time Heals” is true but because we don’t actually understand what we need to do to move beyond grief.  If we look around we can find many people who are in the same place as us.  Whilst this comforts us and makes us feel less alone in our pain it doesn’t necessarily help us move forward.  The paradox is that those who have moved beyond their grief generally don’t tend to spend time talking about it.

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