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Fourth of July

To You on the One Year

Good morning, my love. It's been one year since you earned your wings. I know so little of your last few hours. I know you woke up early to do yard work.

The fourth of July

Freedom can mean so many different

things to so many different people..

I am grateful to be free of burdens that weren't right

I am so grateful to be free, to be an American who is willing to fight

there are so many of you that I hold close to my heart

i will always love you even though we are apart

A friend to be rid of tears n says I will always be here

When Holidays Bring Sadness

One Sunday afternoon when I was fifteen, my dad had a massive heart attack and collapsed in front of me. They resuscitated him at the hospital, but he never regained consciousness. For a week I sat by his bed and talked about anything and everything that came into my mind.

I knew he wasn’t going to make it.

When Holidays Hurt

Holidays can be naturally hard. When you’ve lost someone, special days can seem impossible.

“I’m scared. It’s like I’m frozen and can’t move. How am I going to face our anniversary without him?” said Tina, whose husband Frank died.

“When I look ahead to Father’s Day, all I can think about is him,” said Jeff, who lost his father.

The Beginning of a Book...I Mean Blog

Months ago I felt called to write. I thought He meant for me to write a book, so I started a book. I haven't had time to work on it since; so that's not really helping anyone, including me. Lately I've been feeling the need to write again so I decided upon blogging. I still like the first couple chapters I wrote so I'm going to share them with you.

Quincy Market, Clarity and Lessons Learned About Grief During My Trip to Boston

On June 13,2013, The Grief Toolbox published an article called “Please Come to Boston- The Circularity of My Grief Journey”, which can be found at the following link:

Grieving on the Fourth of July

When children are young many people will recommend not taking them to see fireworks. The bright lights and loud sounds can be confusing and scary. When our son Noah was a year and a half we took him to his first fireworks display. We choose a small town over the big city, carefully choose a seat in the grass that would give us an easy escape and prepared for the celebration to begin.

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