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Grieving Styles

Lets Talk About Brightening Challenges In Life And In Grief

If life were easy, what would we learn from it? Challenges come in so many different forms in life. Sometimes they come in the form of a family member who makes us want to pull our hair out no matter how many chances we give them. Challenges can come in the form of Finances. Perhaps your challenges in your life come from the loss of a loved one.

Why I Wrote Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving

I wrote Grief Works because I was angry. Angry that so many of the bereaved clients that came through my door, were suffering more than necessary, because they felt they should have been coping better, feared they were going mad. They had no idea this is normal in grief.  And they didn’t know how to help themselves.

Avoiding Grief: Why It Doesn’t Work

No one wants to be sad. In fact, we spend a good part of our life in the general pursuit of happiness, doing anything we can to avoid sadness, heartache, discomfort and pain. That is, until someone we love dies.

Strong with Child Loss

Ever since losing my 17 year old son Brian in a car accident when someone would say the word “strong” it would make me so mad.

Dispelling The Myth That It Just Takes Time

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The Grief Flu

It starts in October, the fatigue, body aches, sick stomach and the insomnia. I run through all the usual predictions of what could be wrong with me and this year I finally think I got it right....the grief flu.  It will be five years on November 17 that I lost my oldest daughter Jenna.


Are some Possessions Irreplaceable?

Recently I found myself preparing my home for a possible category five hurricane.  My husband was confident that if the storm hit at full force, we would lose our roof.  I froze on the couch while I contemplated what it meant if I lost all my possessions.  I think I sat for about ten minutes.

Helping Others Understand the Loneliness of Grief

Loss and loneliness often go together

“People say they know what I’m going through. No, they don’t. They can’t,” Carter said.

Grief is lonely. No one knows exactly how you feel. It was your relationship and your loss – yours alone.


From the Grieving Heart… 

I feel alone. 

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