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Grieving Styles


Are some Possessions Irreplaceable?

Recently I found myself preparing my home for a possible category five hurricane.  My husband was confident that if the storm hit at full force, we would lose our roof.  I froze on the couch while I contemplated what it meant if I lost all my possessions.  I think I sat for about ten minutes.

Helping Others Understand the Loneliness of Grief

Loss and loneliness often go together

“People say they know what I’m going through. No, they don’t. They can’t,” Carter said.

Grief is lonely. No one knows exactly how you feel. It was your relationship and your loss – yours alone.


From the Grieving Heart… 

I feel alone. 

How to Be Supportive When You’re Grieving Too

Ripple Effects: When Grief Hits a Marriage

"We're hurting," Mindy said, referring to herself and her husband, Daniel. "I cry. He works in the garage. I go shopping. He drinks beer and watches sports."

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

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Multiple losses: How to Cope with Loss & Change

Do They See Me Cry In Heaven?

Do they see me cry from Heaven? Does it make them sad to see me cry? Someone told me that my loved ones in Heaven are held back by my grief, is this true? These are questions that I am often asked by clients and I wanted to take a moment to touch upon this subject for those of you who also have the same questions.

Always a Surprise: Understanding Your Unexpected Tears

Ten years have passed since my daughter died. During this time I’ve unexpectedly burst into tears many times. I thought I would be used to this by now, but I’m not. Every time this happens I’m caught off guard, and taken by surprise. Am I a weak person? Did I miss something in my grief work?

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