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Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

When Holidays Hurt

Holidays can be naturally hard. When you’ve lost someone, special days can seem impossible.

“I’m scared. It’s like I’m frozen and can’t move. How am I going to face our anniversary without him?” said Tina, whose husband Frank died.

“When I look ahead to Father’s Day, all I can think about is him,” said Jeff, who lost his father.

Set an Extra Plate Initiative - Holiday Dinners

Mary Lee Robinson, author of The Widow or Widower Next Door, is excited to announce her community initiative entitled "Set an Extra Plate".
The conce

Yes, I do still talk to my Husband

Yes, I DO still talk to my husband



When I grow up...
I want to be hooked on drugs..
I want to beat up my Father...
And act like a thug

I want to steal from my parents...
I want to steal from my friends...
Heck I'll take money from Grandma..
Who will care in the end?

Musings on Halloween Past and Present

As I type this, the nip in the October air is a reminder that the major holidays are just around the corner. Halloween paraphernalia has been in the stores since July with Christmas decorations right behind them.

Happy? Halloween

Is anyone else not crazy about Halloween? I just don't find tombstones/skeletons/zombies that amusing anymore. It makes me shudder that when my oldest daughter was little I dressed her up as a baby angel for her first Halloween. What was I thinking? I can't even look at those photos anymore. And most the skeletons and skull decorations are not full size, so I keep thinking they are exactly child size.

Anyway, just having a kind of weirded out week so thought I'd throw my ramblings out there to see if anyone else is having similar thoughts.

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