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Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

A Letter From Your Child In Heaven

To my Parent/Parents from your Child in Heaven,


The Letter Every Caregiver Should Write

The Letter Every Caregiver Should Write

Helping Others By Sharing Stories

This weekend I was invited to speak at the Read more

Choosing Life after Loss

It seems perfectly natural, doesn’t it?  If you have a question, go look it up in a book.  I’ve been doing it all my life.  I was taught how to do research in school, and now it’s my first instinct.  If I need a fact, I find a book with the answer.  If I don’t have the right book, I go to the library or the bookstore.  Well, some time ago, I found myself browsing a

A New Day

Spring awakens with the dawn of a new day. A new day that I get up and try to feel for my existence. It doesn't come. I'm here but I am not. Twenty eight months. I've come a long way but yet not so far. My needs are small in comparison but simplistically impossible. I want to see your beautiful face. Your twinkling eyes. Your quirky smile.

The Season Has Ended (The Dream)

The season has ended. Blossoms of purples and whites fill my sight. I pass through the fields of heather and look beyond the sea. A peacefulness settles in the misty dew surrounding my body and filling my senses. I am with someone. A beautiful feeling of pure and abundant love emanates sparkles of light that reach deep within my soul. It is my son. He reaches for my hand and helps me up.

A Letter to Mama, if you're reading...



Holidays can be lonely. This time of year surfaces our losses and throws them in our faces. We bump into a memory with every decoration, song, or tradition.

My dear wife Christine

What did we do to deserve it Our sin was to fall in love with each other. Didn't we deserve to live happily We married because we loved. It wasn't just a passing thing. We made our marriage work through our differences. Yes we had some but we didn't give up on each other. When all was said and done neither of us would want to leave following a disagreement.

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