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Friendship (Poem)

Smooth flows, smooth flows, there’s no place for more foes

Searching for love in the wrong places, we propose to our roads

Share goals, share gold, that’s how deep the love goes

Every week we see ghosts, so many are fake close

Hatred switches sides like basketball teams, straight after half-time

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief 


#8… After observing a fisherman launch a second stick of dynamite into the lake, the game warden started his engine and shot across the water to make the arrest.  “He yelled on his bullhorn, “Stay where you are.  I am a conservation officer, and you are under arrest.” 

A Swallow-tail Butterfly Took to the Air...

A Swallow-tail Butterfly Took to the Air…


A Letter to Mama, if you're reading...


Explaining Jewish Mourning Traditions & Rituals

When a member of your community passes away, it’s a difficult but important time to be present. Judaism is one of the many faith traditions that has rituals designed to bring people together as support for mourners who need time to grieve.

Raking Leaves

Life in Michigan comes complete with lots of beautiful trees that spring to life in the spring, providing vibrant green foliage and shade during the summer, and spectacular fall colors in the brisk air of autumn. Then, the leaves all fall off the trees and create a huge amount of work for those of us who live amongst the trees. I’m not complaining, much.


Time. It seems inevitable that any discussion of grief and grieving comes back to time. “How long am I gonna feel like I want to run away?” “When do I start to feel better?” “Don’t you think you’ve grieved long enough?” “Time heals all wounds.” “It gets better.” “How long until I see them again?”

GRAVITY: Grief Metaphor Disguised as Hollywood Star Vehicle – PG-13

As an actor, screenwriter and all around movie fan I was drawn to the film GRAVITY by the promise of seeing another wonderful performance by one of my favorite actresses Sandra Bullock, and what appeared to be, at least from the coming attractions, another visually stunning film by director Alfonso Cuarón. Both of those promises did not fail to be fulfilled.

Deep-seated Consumer Metaphors and the Changing Face of Grief

It's nothing new that grief is an intense emotional experience. But we're gaining a better understanding of what consumers, specifically Baby Boomers, are looking for in that experience. They want it balanced.

Voices of Experience: In My World, Superman

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