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Explaining Jewish Mourning Traditions & Rituals

When a member of your community passes away, it’s a difficult but important time to be present. Judaism is one of the many faith traditions that has rituals designed to bring people together as support for mourners who need time to grieve.

Goodbye my friend, Your smile is everlasting

A digital monument for all lost friends in which you can take part by sending in a photograph of the friend you lost and would like to honor.

Together with the band The Netz we (The Melodies From The Heart Foundation) recorded a new song. In the song the band sings about the smile and beautiful memories of a lost friend.

Sunrise-Tim Strathman Band (Original)

As Tim says

Here is a song I wrote to remember lost loved ones and feeling their presence all around...Original song wrote by Tim Strathman copyright Tim Strathman 2015

My Vow

I made a vow to myself tonight

Hoping it will last throughout my life

That in me I have the strength to fight

Wipe away the pain, sorrow and negativity

It's lingering does more bad than good

The Lord, I trust knows what will become of me

Trust in Him

Above all else

He knows the way

He knows my heart

He's the light

Crowdsourcing Our Grief: Healing through a Social Media Art Project

Sometimes, when the grief gets particularly bad, it seems like the only way out is through magic. 


I cry myself to sleep

Behind closed doors I weep

But I make it day by day

God you have showed me the way

I feel the pain, hurt & sorrow

Because of You, I live for tomorrow

Precious Child

Beautiful song: A song about the relationship between life and death.

I Breathe in Love


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