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My Life After Dad

Chapter 1: Who Am I?


As I lay here, on this dreary, damp day, I stop and wonder, how I got here, and how far I’ve come. You see, I wasn’t always this worried about my existence. There was a time in this life-cycle, where I could stop and smell those metaphorically induced ‘roses’, and not want to wring someone’s neck. Only now, at the age of 22, am I so full of sorrow.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Envy” as “The feeling of wanting to have what someone else has.” Yeah, that just about nails it. It’s one of the “Deadly Seven Sins.” It’s a lot like jealously, with the added element of desire. The strong desire to have what they have.

The grief of losing

When I was just a little girl I thought I knew it all

But as the years have gone by, I've never felt so small

I never knew what life would be without you teaching me

But now I'm lost and am scared but there's no way to flee

Dad I know you'd want me to be happy and I know you'd want me to smile

What Helps....

With each passing week

My heart is filled with a void

With the knowledge 

You are not here.


I look at the calendar

And cannot believe

How long it's been .

Did life  just pass by 

Without you here at my side?

Am I the only one holding on

To the life there was 

When you were here?



I cry myself to sleep

Behind closed doors I weep

But I make it day by day

God you have showed me the way

I feel the pain, hurt & sorrow

Because of You, I live for tomorrow


I touched your sweet face

Kissed you on the cheek

Held you in my arms

Forever will I weep


You couldn't stay very long

For some reason

You had to go

Oh, God, this feels so wrong


I want you back

Sweetie, you'll always be mine

I'll see you again someday

It'll just be a matter of time


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