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The Monster Inside Of Me



Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

Every Day You Live Is Blessed By a Soldier That Passed Away

In rows of sweet red poppies
On beaches by the sea
In dark of night and light of day
They fought for you and me
On jungle floors that moved
Or paratroopers in the sky
On ridges with no hope to win
They gave their life for you and I
They fought with everything they had
For those they'll never know
They put aside life's luxuries

I'll Simply See You In A While

The day I went to Heaven
You didn’t get to say goodbye
But, it’s okay, you didn’t need to
More time will come for you and I
The life we shared was just a small glimpse...
Of what’s to come in life we’ll share

Gift As Curse

Gift As Curse


Right now


after Mother’s

death, our family

dynamics hold up

such that each of us

can grieve both together

and alone, that is up until

You kept me strong baby girl

I wish there was somebody I could honest tell,
That the life I'm living is my own personal hell,
I learnt speak aloud how I truly feel,
For the hurt it would because I could never heal,
I live for my family it's their life I'm leading not mine,
Life flashes by me so quickly I'm running out of time,
I try to please them all but I'm physically not able,

Today's Goodbye

I already miss you so much dad more than words can ever say,
I already think of you every second of every day,
I wish we had more time, more memories together,
But instead I will cherish the time we had forever,
I will never forgive myself towards the end I wasn’t there,



Brian's Goodbye

As tears roll down my face,
I know that your in a better place,
I'm sorry that we can't be there,
but that doesn't mean that we do not care,
in our thoughts you will always stay,
for every second that you lay,
I'm sorry I wasn't with you at the end,
but the love for you I will send,
Now's the time to say goodbyes,

A Brand new me

Why am I so unhappy when life is giving me all I need?
why is it always misery that I choose to feed?
why do I choose to disguise my emotions with a painted on smile?
why does it feel like when I’m taking a step I’m crawling a mile?

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