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A Reason and Time for Every Matter Under Heaven… Even for a Samurai Warrior

A Reason and Time for Every Matter Under Heaven… Even for a Samurai Warrior

Smile Because It Happened

Smile Because It Happened

NDEs and The Beings of Light

NDEs and The Beings of Light


A fleeting moment of clarity

It's an amazing, eye opening moment when you realize that the one thing you thought, no, you knew that you personally could never do, would never be able to live through, you can. You are doing it and it isn't going to kill you as you previously thought it would if God forbid it happened to you.


Turn, Turn, Turn

It’s been a very long, cold winter this year. There were days in March, as the stinging cold air hung on, and the piles of snow continued to get larger, not smaller, that I wasn’t sure the warmth of spring was ever going to come.

Deep-seated Consumer Metaphors and the Changing Face of Grief

It's nothing new that grief is an intense emotional experience. But we're gaining a better understanding of what consumers, specifically Baby Boomers, are looking for in that experience. They want it balanced.

Finding My New Normal

They tell me, I must learn to live a new normal

But I’m not sure that I know how

I Am a Phoenix

“I am a phoenix.”  We have all seen the commercials on TV where people are touting their degree from the online university.  Well, I am a phoenix also, but not the university kind.  I am like the mythical phoenix which was consumed by fire and arose from the ashes a new creature. This is my story.

Suicide Survival

Suicide Survival

News, searing pain, disbelief, questions, sadness, what if, emptiness, darkness . . .  

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