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Everything That Happens is BIG Now

There are times in life when everything seems gigantic. Conflict, stress, tragedy, loss, death, and grief and just a few of things that can grip and squeeze us with seemingly merciless power.

“Everything that happens is big now. Every little issue is magnified, because I'm by myself,” Tiffany shared, wringing the napkin in her hand.

My Letter to Patty

My dear wife Patty,

When You Feel Like SCREAMING

Ever feel like screaming? With all that’s happened to and around us, it’s hard to believe we aren’t screaming most of the time.

Perhaps we are – silently, in the deep recesses of our hearts.

Maybe it’s time we let a little of that pain out.


Betty went a little nuts – on purpose

When We Miss Their Voice

There’s nothing quite like someone’s voice. It’s a signature of sorts.

Some voices are like music to our ears. They announce the presence of someone we love and delight in. Just the sound of their voice brings a smile of joy.

I Can't Catch My Breath

“It’s constant. I had no idea how hard it would be. The depth of the grief is astounding,” Maggie shared.

“Sometimes I feel like I can’t even catch my breath.”

Maggie’s spouse Ted had died of pancreatic cancer six months earlier. No wonder she was gasping for breath. 

Grief packs a punch

Becoming me . Again.

My husband left this world on September 25, 2012. This was the last day of my life. For the past 3 years I have struggled daily with memories, guilt, remorse, anger, confusion and loneliness. Finally, I have been able to let go of MOST of these feelings. I was the best I could have been at that time with what I knew and had.


“Gary, I’m calling about our dad, Sal. He’s not doing well. Can you talk to him?” Steve asked.

Sal lost his wife, Millie, to Alzheimer’s. They had been married 55 years. No wonder he wasn’t doing well.

“One word of warning,” Steve continued. “Dad doesn’t take well to strangers, so I don’t know how this is going to go.”

7 Reasons Grief Hurts So Much

Grief is hard. IT HURTS.

We lose people, marriages, relationships, jobs, health, homes, financial solvency, and so on. Whatever the loss, we grieve.

Why does grief hurt so much? There are many reasons. Here are seven.


Since you've been gone

I keep thinking you're coming back.

I waited, day and night

But you never came.

Now...I am so torn...

Reflections On Widowhood at Six Months

As the sixth month of being a widow passes by I have been trying to reflect on where I’ve been and where I am going. I know where I’ve been these last six months. I’ve been in limbo. That place where you can’t quite finish anything you start.

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