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Half My Heart is Gone

Physically, it’s hard to imagine being able to survive with half a heart.

Emotionally, that’s what loss feels like.

Gone, Just Like That

I Did Not Know

When we first met,

I did not know,

That you would come,

And how fast you'd go!


I did not know,

That in the end,

I would have to lose,

Such a real good friend!


I did not know,

It would hurt this much,

To be without you,

And your loving touch!


You left me here,

We all grieve differently

I have always wanted to be a mother and encourage our children to be honest, caring, empathetic and great communicators.  All the parenting books never prepared me to help my three children grieve the unexpected loss of their father. His death was a shock- all three children helped thousands of searchers try find our Travis.

First Valentines Day in Heaven

On your first Valentine’s Day in heaven- it will be 100 days from the last time I saw you.  100 days from when I last heard your voice. 

It feels as if it has been 100’s of months and years….



I'm Anxious About Everything Now

“I’m having trouble sleeping. My mind won’t settle. I’m nervous and fidgety. I can’t concentrate,” Mary said, gently rocking back and forth.

“In fact, I seem to be anxious about everything,” she concluded.

When We Feel Like We're Going Crazy

Are we going crazy? For some of us, it doesn’t seem like a very far drive.

“I’m forgetting things. My keys. Appointments. What I came into the room for. What I just said,” Wes shared.

We Will Always Miss Them

Missing someone is painful.

Will the hurt ever end?

Healing with Memorial Bookmarks

Grief is a natural response to losing a loved one. Your emotional response is very personal and takes time.  Healing happens gradually; it can’t be forced or hurried.  What is important is that whatever your experience is, you need to be patient with yourself and allow your heart to follow the course that is best for you.

When Non-Grievers Give Advice

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