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Can't let go

I often wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you.

God knows I think of you every second of every day.

I think of the special moments we shared.

Those were some of the happiest times of my life.


Michelle sat across the table from me, turning her chicken salad over with her fork.

“I should be over this by now,” she sighed.

Michelle’s mother had passed away four months earlier. They had seen each other almost every day for a decade. They talked about everything. Her mom’s death left a gaping hole in Michelle’s life and heart.

Wish it was just a dream

It never dawned on me that you'd be gone.

I never thought I'd see the day that you're not around.

I never imagined I could go on without you.

And yet, here I am,

Sadness...Please go away!

Because of you...

   I can't smile the way I used to.

   I can't enjoy my time with family and friends.

   I can't focus at work.

   I can't think straight.

What To Do When Grief Feels Like Fear

Stephanie had just lost her husband to cancer. The first few days after his passing had been a whirlwind, as she attempted to get everything arranged for Steve’s memorial service. On top of that, she had four kids to tend to through this tumultuous time.


It was time to plan a future. The first year of widowhood was the hardest. The second year wasn't a piece of cake, but I felt a bit of joy at times and a little less pain.

May They Always Live Through You

 I hear it quite often asked of me, “How Do I Live Without Them since They’ve Died?”  I want to help you to change that question.

 I ask you to replace this question with, “How can I honor my loved one’s Legacy and Keep them alive within the Hearts of Those who love them since they have Graduated in their Life’s Journey to Heaven?”

Are These Crazy Emotions Normal?

“When did they offer the roller-coaster training? Somehow I missed that,” Sally said.

Sally’s husband Ron died a week prior. Once the arrangements were done and the funeral was over, grief hit her like a relentless tsunami.

Grief does strange things to us. It buffets the heart and shakes the soul. It’s confusing and frustrating. We can be shocked by its depth and power. 


Mother's Day means different things to different people.  To me, it's bitter-sweet.  Each year my young children (now 7 and 4) have different emotions as all of their friends celebrate with their mothers.  That raises lots of feelings in me that I haven't completely processed.  On the other hand I celebrate the wonderful mother I have who is alive, in good health, and a trem


“I know this is going sound a little crazy, but I would never have thought grief was so emotional,” Sophia whispered.

I smiled. Sophia smiled too, and then giggled.

“That felt good,” she sighed. “But seriously, my emotions are over the top and all over the place. What do I do with them?”

Good question.


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