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Those Crazy, Unpredictable Emotions

From the author: This is an article you can share, send, or forward to those others to help them understand the grieving heart a little better.

Grief is emotional!

Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving

 Grief hurts.  It’s tough to go through, and painful to watch.

One or both of the following is true about almost all of us almost all of the time:

Time Changes Nothing

166 days since I last spoke or saw you.

Death changes everything.

Time changes nothing.

I miss the sound of your voice.

I miss our conversations and your advice.

Small decisions are now hard.

I miss your presence, your touch.

I miss making new memories and sharing old ones.

A New Day

Spring awakens with the dawn of a new day. A new day that I get up and try to feel for my existence. It doesn't come. I'm here but I am not. Twenty eight months. I've come a long way but yet not so far. My needs are small in comparison but simplistically impossible. I want to see your beautiful face. Your twinkling eyes. Your quirky smile.


Guilt is conniving, clever, and sneaky. He delights in lies and accusation. He shows no mercy to wounded hearts.

Guilt is not our friend.

The Season Has Ended (The Dream)

The season has ended. Blossoms of purples and whites fill my sight. I pass through the fields of heather and look beyond the sea. A peacefulness settles in the misty dew surrounding my body and filling my senses. I am with someone. A beautiful feeling of pure and abundant love emanates sparkles of light that reach deep within my soul. It is my son. He reaches for my hand and helps me up.

Half My Heart is Gone

Physically, it’s hard to imagine being able to survive with half a heart.

Emotionally, that’s what loss feels like.

Gone, Just Like That

I Did Not Know

When we first met,

I did not know,

That you would come,

And how fast you'd go!


I did not know,

That in the end,

I would have to lose,

Such a real good friend!


I did not know,

It would hurt this much,

To be without you,

And your loving touch!


You left me here,

We all grieve differently

I have always wanted to be a mother and encourage our children to be honest, caring, empathetic and great communicators.  All the parenting books never prepared me to help my three children grieve the unexpected loss of their father. His death was a shock- all three children helped thousands of searchers try find our Travis.

First Valentines Day in Heaven

On your first Valentine’s Day in heaven- it will be 100 days from the last time I saw you.  100 days from when I last heard your voice. 

It feels as if it has been 100’s of months and years….

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