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Keys (Poem)

We pass these keys, to cease this journey

Our mind freezes, admiring the ceilings

Concealing these feelings of loss

Seemingly tossed inside a soulless world

Never taught how to sew the hurt

Yes, life is a tough tour

Although, we seek guides to countour

This maze which consumes the brain

Friendship (Poem)

Smooth flows, smooth flows, there’s no place for more foes

Searching for love in the wrong places, we propose to our roads

Share goals, share gold, that’s how deep the love goes

Every week we see ghosts, so many are fake close

Hatred switches sides like basketball teams, straight after half-time

Creating Blue Space

After the loss of a loved one, emotions twirl inside like a whirling dervish.  People are sad, depressed, anxious, belligerent, angry, and the list of negative emotions goes on.  For some, sleep is affected for others a feeling of constant discomfort.  For me, after the loss of my brother, I would sit by myself in a dark room with a candle.  If the candle feel over and wax g

Exhausted by Grief? Ideas & Tips to Help You Sleep

Pain vs. Suffering

Pain vs. Suffering

What do Tony Robbins and the Buddha have in common?

Well, among other things, they both teach us that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Tony explains that suffering occurs when our story for how life should be doesn’t match our reality.

He Is My Son - Not My "Baby"

I watched him grow throughout the weeks on the black and white screen of an ultrasound machine. His little legs and arms were longer every time I got to see him. I was in awe of his tiny fingers as they waved and his tiny feet as they danced within me. I remember at one of my prenatal appointments he turned his head perfectly ...

How I cured my Broken Heart using Yoga (And How YOU can too!)

I want to start by sharing a story that I hope you will find inspiring. It will help you to understand how the body holds on to grief. And, how to let it go. It's about me ;)

2004/05 were extremely hard years for me after having lost my boyfriend to cancer and my mother to suicide.

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