The Magic Quilt Project


"Be the comfort you want to see in the world"

Debbie at the Magic Quilt Project has a wonderful thing going. You can click here to read all about it but the idea is that you can send material that is stitched into a quilt. These quilts are then sent to people who need comfort. Kind of a worldwide hug.

I had sent some material in memory of my Gabriel. You can read that story here. And then that beautiful quilt that it was stitched into was sent to a friend of our family, Stan. My sister in law Amanda (on the left) delivered it to him. You can read more about his story in this post and this post. (I'm on the right. My sister Laura who takes the Aloha Remembered photos for us is in the middle)

Please take a minute and pop over here to read about Crash's nephew Matthew who died 12 years ago after living 12 hours. Those photos are so special- I see the love in his parent's faces. ((Hugs)) to Mathew's mommy, Melanie. And ((hugs)) to Amy, the first recipient of one of the Magic Baby quilts.

Now Crash has asked that those of us who have lost children to "join hands with the rest of us to soften the blow for others who are experiencing the same loss."

If you'd like to send flannel to her Magic Quilt Project it will be stitched into quilt blocks along with other quilt blocks honoring "other children who have finished their earthly journey." Your babies name, birth and death date will appear in the corner of his/her block.

Click here to visit the Magic Quilt blog to get more information about sending fabric.