Bobby Resciniti Walk 2012

July 13, 2006 Bobby Resciniti the son of Diane and Bob Resciniti was killed in an automobile accident. It changed their lives forever and is now changing the world six years later.  Bob and Diane took their tragedy and the transformational power in their grief and turned their loss into legacy creating the "The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation"; a non-profit organization that provides free services for the bereaved of any kind. They meet personally at Bobby's place, the brick and mortar housing for their foundation near Coral Springs Florida or through their website on line. They provide information, grief counseling, and workshops for the healing process for anyone who has suffered loss in their lives.

In November every year the foundation hosts a fundraiser gala event with dinner, entertainment, live and silent auction and a golf tournament. In addition they host a full day no cost workshop for bereaved presented by Myself and Alan Pedersen. 

The foundation started with a focus of the loss of child in a family. They understood the pain, anguish and emptiness the death of a child brings into a family. The loss of a child is like an earthquake out of nowhere that swallows our child.  Then the tsunami follows and washes away our lives and we are forced to rebuild from the rubble. In trying to comprehend the enormity of this kind of loss Bob soon realized that any death of a person is someone’s child and loss of any kind is encouraged to contact the foundation for help on their journey.

In the summer every year the foundation hosts the "Angel Walk" in Coral Springs. Many hundreds gather to pay tribute to their loved ones who have died. Wearing a provided angel walk tee shirt or their own home made tribute shirts people walk arm in arm looking for the large placards placed on the walking path with photo of their loved ones on it.

Walking the path is bittersweet experience to see hundreds upon hundreds of faces of people who have died, children, adults and even pets. Painful yet prideful at the same time, there is sadness for the deep loss, and yet exhilaration of the life lived and remembered in such a poignant way. The walk ends with lunch and a paid for walk through Butterfly world. The numbers who attend grows each year; it is an extraordinary experience one does not forget.

This year a torrential rain storm paused over southeastern Florida cancelling many local outdoor events. The core set up crew, family and early brave walkers huddled together under the small pavilion, literally an island surrounded by standing water. Bob's wife Diane said “Bob we are not cancelling this event". She said she had placed a rosary in a tree next to the pavilion and prayed for an intercession to stop the rain. It worked!

I opened up the event with a few words and performed interpretive sign to some songs, Bob and Sportscaster Joe Rose said a few words and the 300 some gathered began the walk in the rain. Dressed in raingear, garbage bags and many umbrellas we braved the rain with heads head high.  Within a few moments the rain stopped, the wind calmed , hearts swelled  and together with tears of joy and tears of pain we celebrated and honored the lives of our loved ones.

In gratitude for all who gathered and in remembrance of all who have died I created this video from photos of the day. I share.

Peace love n light


For more information on the foundation or Bobby's Place –email at [email protected]or call Bobby's Dad, Bob at 561-603-381

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Mitch is the author of Letters To My Son, a Journey Through Grief and the newly released 2nd edition Turning Loss to Legacy. Mitch is currently a staff writer with Living with Loss Magazine and has published many articles for a variety of national grief periodicals, newsletters, and internet sites as well as appearing in many radio and television interviews
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