You Knew an Angel

You Knew an Angel


By Cindy Adkins


So many of us go through the process of grief without realizing that our lives have, indeed, been touched by angels.  I don’t mean the kind of beings with wings that are in the heavens and play harps.  I am talking about real-life angels.  So, if they are suddenly taken from us, it leaves a hole so deep not only because we miss them, but we also long for their goodness that we could always depend on.

What kind of people am I talking about exactly?  I mean the kind of person whose laughter filled your heart—whose smile could brighten up a room.  You know exactly the type of person I mean because that is the description of the one you are missing. 

Even though the person has passed on, the light that he or she emitted when on this earthly plane can still touch you.  It affects you every time you have a fond recollection.  Those glimpses of the past are precious gifts—and they are rightfully yours to cherish forever.

I was recently a guest on a radio program where I talked about how a large percentage of people believe in angels.  Yet, for most individuals, what that really means is that they believe that those who have passed on are their angels.  Often, you can hear someone say in passing, “My mom is my angel.  She is always with me.”

However, this is a subject that many equate with hocus-pocus because it has not become part of our mainstream culture.  Some people are even afraid to talk about their encounters with loved ones who have passed on for fear of being discounted.

Many years ago, I met a woman who had told me about her father’s passing.  He happened to be in the electrical business.  The day of his funeral, her pastor spoke with her family in his office and he told them at that time how it was not unusual to experience someone who had passed on trying to reach loved ones.  For weeks after her father’s passing, any time that a family member would drive up to her mother’s home, the lights on the street would go off and on as they drove up the long boulevard.  Each one of them remembered the minister’s words and thought that it was merely their father saying “hello.”

If your loved one tries to reach you, realize that it can come in ways that you least expect it.  But, be sure to pay attention.  Their methods can be subtle.  Nonetheless, it is highly probable that he or she will try to make themselves known to give you reassurance.

While you may have known an earthly angel with a heart of gold, it does not mean that the person will not be watching over you once in the heavenly realm.  A feather could appear out of nowhere.  You could be stuck in traffic behind a car that has the person’s name on the license plate.  Coincidence?  You judge for yourself, but if such an occurrence happens in your life when you need it most, chances are that it is not an accident.  Rather, it means that we live in a society that demands proof.  Well, then I ask you, who can prove love?  Even though it is intangible, it still exists.  We know it does.  We have felt it, lived it, and breathed it.

So, if the person you love comes forth and tries to reach out to you, accept it and know that it is a heaven sent gift.  Embrace it as you would the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Appreciate it and the comfort it gives you.  If such an experience happens in your life, then you will know that the invisible wall between here and the hereafter gave you a small space to catch a glimpse of one whose heart is forever connected to yours.


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