Did you get to meet the one that lived

Did you get to meet the one that lived

every day as if it were her last?

Did you see that smiling face,

did you hear her infectious laugh?

Did you know the one that had a hug

for even the ones that fussed at her?

Did you ever go somewhere and know

when the life of the party arrived?

Did you know the one that could make

the best of the worst situation?

Did you feel like you were a special

person around her?

Did you ever feel so loved?

Were you one of the lucky ones...

that got to meet my Courtney Mae?


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I lost my daughter Courtney Mae on 11/06/2011 NSW Australia she 2mths of being 15 when the boat she was on capsized Courtney was missing for 11dys the night before she was found I heard Im coming home mumma, the next morning the police came to my door saying a young girl had be found. Courtney has shown us in many ways that she is still with us, We are coming up to the 12mth mark. No parent should ever have to feel this pain, In memory of Courtney I have started a page called Courtney's rule "Wear it" your life Jacket is your seat belt on the water, just because you can swim doesn't mean you wont drown, I am now Courtney's voice, Courtney was so full of love for her friends & family. I love you to the MOON & BACK my darling, you can read more about Courtney's tragic accident if you google her name, thank grief tool box
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