Explaining Jewish Mourning Traditions & Rituals

When a member of your community passes away, it’s a difficult but important time to be present. Judaism is one of the many faith traditions that has rituals designed to bring people together as support for mourners who need time to grieve.

This collection of animated shorts are a great guide for someone curious to learn about the rituals and traditions from a Jewish perspective. Each video was created by a cadre of Jewish experts representing a wide spectrum of Jewish thought. Rabbi's, thought-leaders and clergy from Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and Secular movements all participated in the creation of these video shorts. Take a moment to watch each of the ten short videos. Afterwards I hope that you feel confident supporting a friend or family member that is part of the Jewish community during a time of loss.

The videos in the Jewish mourning collection include: 

  • Jewish Guide to Shiva Practices and Helping Your Friend in Mourning
  • How to Say the Mourners Kaddish - The Jewish Prayer of Mourning
  • Before I Lost my Hair: A Reflection of Psalm 90
  • Psalm 23 - I Do Not Fear in The Valley of Death
  • Funeral Service for a Miscarriage, a Real Jewish Mourning Story
  • Susan Talks About Saying Goodbye with Poetry - A Real Jewish Mourning
  • Story Jana Talks About Taking Comfort in Ancient Wisdom - A Real Jewish Mourning Story
  • Jewish Mourning Rituals: An Overview
  • Jewish Funerals: Customs and Traditions
  • Jewish Mourning Rituals: Caring for the Body 









About the Author
Lisa roamed across the globe teaching and working as a community organizer before arriving in San Francisco, a place she now calls home. She lives 22 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean and enjoys spending Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, spending time with family and walking on the beach.
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