Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

     and yet, my love for you remains the same. 

This love I have for you will last 

     until my last breath.

For I know that the memories you left me,

     will be with me for the rest of my life.

You always meant the world to me,

     and nothing has changed that. 

You might not be in my life any longer,

     but you will forever be in my mind,

     and in my heart. 

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About the Author
Pictured here are my Dad, Mr. Virgilio "Ver" V. Layco, Sr. and my youngest sister, Karen Layco Mitchell. Sadly, we lost them on Dec. 2011. Losing them both suddenly, one week apart, was so overwhelming that I needed something to release the pain I am feeling. I started writing my poems to express the sadness I've felt since they passed away. I hope you find some comfort and encouragement in reading them. *** Marizel Layco Beck ***
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