Daddy I miss you

Daddy I miss you


I’ll always be your baby,

That I know is true

I want you to always know

That I’ll forever love you


The most important man in my life

Has had to go away

And though it’s so very painful

In my heart you’ll always stay


A piece of me broke off that day

And now I don’t feel whole

But carrying your memory forward

Is now my life goal


It hurts so much to think

That I’ll never see you again

But maybe there’s an after life

And I’ll see you then


I’ve never believed in afterlife

I thought when life’s over its done

But now that you have left me

It’s just too hard to accept you’re gone


You’ll live on in my memory

In my heart you’ll always stay

And I hope that I will make you proud

Each and every day


I love you Daddy

About the Author
I'm 20 years old and in my final year at university. My daddy died on September 4th 2012 and my grandma passed away on October 6th 2012
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