Christmas Card

Today I sent my Christmas cards to those that I love
But the one I couldn't send was to you up above.
In your Christmas card what would I say?
That I wish I could see you everyday.
Would I wish you Happy Holidays just like the rest?
To wish I could hold you would be in my jest.
Could I say you were my angel as always you'll be?
Not the one in the Bible or on top of the tree.
How many stamps would it take to reach so far?
Will it reach the Heavens where you are?
Could I convey the greatest of holiday greetings
To you my Angel who's joy it would for me to be meeting?
What package should I send to convey my joy
In having a son, my Angel, my boy?
I can't find the address to the loved one I am sending.
I fear to never find it with my heart forever mending.
So I stamp it with love and with the greatest of care.
I know you'll receive it, I know you will be there.
All I can hope, for you my precious dear
Is that this holiday fills you with great cheer.
For we celebrate on Earth in this joyous of times
While missing you is our greatest of times.
If only  we could send a card to all we have missed
Sadly there are too many, it would be a long list.
But the card I send to you would simply say
You have blessed my life each and everyday.

About the Author
I am Mommy to my Angel son Trey and my Earthly Daughter Lorelei! After losing our son to CHARGE Syndrome in 2009, I decided to journal my grief and life in hopes that my journey will help someone struggling much the same way I am and to bring awareness to fertility and infant loss. I write honestly and emotionally and provide resources for Angel Parents like myself
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