Ancient Calling

Ancient Calling

Today my heart soars

as sacred family gathers

in this powerful yet gentle

healing space, to breathe life

and energy into our intention

of healing Mother Earth

and all living things.


An ancient calling has sounded.

One by one we heed the call,

and come together, seeking...

recognizing each other

by the tones and soundings

of our hearts and spirits.


One by one, we greet each other

and a joyful noise is made!

Sweet tears fall from my eyes,

as I tenderly look into yours,

and see wisdom, love and recognition

there within the depths of your soul.


The reuniting of families is happening

throughout our vast and beautiful Universe,

and the jubilation of meeting for common cause

and taking part in the creation and the unfolding

of all that's to come reminds us of our

interconnectedness with all life.


As One Voice~One Heart, we come together

beating in unison and in love 

dedicated to healing ourselves, the world,

and releasing what no longer serves us,

that all might know the joy of freedom

beyond our wildest imaginings.


Sweet tears fall, warm and freeing now,

washing away any feelings of separation,

exclusion, loneliness, and sorrow.

And in the sweet release, the sun comes out

and a rainbow appears to stretch across

the horizon, as the colors of our spirits

wash the universe with deep abiding love.

Lynne Newman/SpiritHeart




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About the Author
My heart is in helping people heal mind, body, spirit and emotions. I consider it a calling as opposed to a job. We humans have chosen to learn through our experiences and our emotions. Sometimes we learn through joy and sometimes we learn through our painful experiences. I have suffered loss and pain, felt grief, have had wonderful experiences and experienced joy and all the other human emotions. In my healing practice I incorporate counseling, a spiritual (not religious) component, energy healing, guided imagery and other modalities to support the whole person as they heal and learn about compassion for themselves. I wish profound healing for all and am full of gratitude to be walking together on this journey of the soul.
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