You Didn't Win

You came across the water

With destruction on your mind

Thinking nothing of the heartaches

And broken dreams you'd leave behind


You came crashing down with hatred

Tearing homes and lives in two

With a vengeful force of evil

But you didn't have a clue


That my Savior made a promise

He would never leave my side

And it really didn't matter

What sneaky tricks you tried


My momma's gone, you took her life

You came and had your say

But God took her soul to Heaven

And in His presence, she will stay


So bring destruction and the loss

Bring the driving rain

I will not live my life in fear

Nor give in to the pain


I thought you would destroy me

When you came rushing in

But heartache fades with time and prayer

And this time, you didn't win


'Patricia Mills-


(written almost 10 months after Hurricane Wilma)

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About the Author
I am the middle child of 7, born to Mary E. Howell. I have 2 sons (ages 17 and 31). I am a single mother who enjoys writing and nature photography. I am an extremely patriotic Christian who cannot listen to our national anthem without shedding a few tears of pride. I enjoy people but I relish my moments of solitude, moments I can call my own, moments of soul-searching. My future goals include getting my writing published and making my love of nature photography a source of a second income.
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