Child Loss - Easing the Pain With a Caring Memorial Gift

Memorial jewelry or memorial gifts for child loss are a relatively new concept, but one that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Grieving is always a difficult process, but it can be particularly painful when it involves the loss of a child. There is no greater heartbreak than burying your own child and often a thoughtful gift can help to ease that pain in a tangible way.

Losing a Child: Connecting Now and Forever

Our attachment to those we love is so strong that when we lose a child we are thrown into the gut wrenching pain of grief as that physical attachment is severed, often abruptly - we are cast adrift, despairing and desolate. When I consider my personal journey of grieving for my son the greatest aid to my own healing has been finding an ongoing connection, a gossamer thread to the unknown, to where he is now.

Healing and Adapting to Grief and Loss: Sacred Spaces

Connecting with loved ones who are no longer with us is a vital part of healing and adapting to grief and loss in our life. There are many ways we can establish and maintain connections but equally important is finding a meaningful place - a sacred space to do just that. There could be one or there could be many, but the 'right' space for you is the one that fits in with your lifestyle, your belief system and speaks to your heart with a simple aaahhh, this is it.


Dia de los Muertos

I've never thought much or done much about Day of the Dead (it's not real big in Maryland!) but wanted to share this excerpt from the book I'm currently reading, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (she and her family decided to spend a year eating local foods only.. very interesting book but a little preachy)


Happy? Halloween

Is anyone else not crazy about Halloween? I just don't find tombstones/skeletons/zombies that amusing anymore. It makes me shudder that when my oldest daughter was little I dressed her up as a baby angel for her first Halloween. What was I thinking? I can't even look at those photos anymore. And most the skeletons and skull decorations are not full size, so I keep thinking they are exactly child size.

Anyway, just having a kind of weirded out week so thought I'd throw my ramblings out there to see if anyone else is having similar thoughts.