Sympathy Card Messages - Writing Tips

A sympathy card may seem like a small gesture for someone experiencing a tragic loss but to the person receiving them it can mean the world. Essentially, at this point the person grieving really would like sympathy card messages that are from the heart. If you can demonstrate a sincere empathy with your condolence messages you will seem like a person who genuinely understands.

Feeling When There's No Feeling Left

When things are chaotic we run with the bulls at Pamplona or we scurry for the privacy of shelter. Both these leave us scared of our true feelings. One embraces activity as a cover for denial. The other embraces solitude - even from the self... Feeling when there's no feeling left is, however, a pliable response to this astonishing vertigo.


It’s been a while since I posted on this series, but this post is a continuation of my generated list of 30 words that could be used to describe grief.  Obviously this list relates to my experience with grief, so I am interested to see if anyone else can relate with this word.  I plan on continuing [...]