How Do I Find Peace Following the Death of a Child Part 2

We looked at the difference between a codependent and a co-empowered relationship and began looking at how this can relate to our grieving process. Now I would like to continue with that theme. If we are able to come to a place of seeing the lost child not as a codependent child, but as a co-empowered spirit, as a being who had their own life to live, then we can begin the process of understanding that whilst we had a duty of care for the child, we were actually nurturing a spiritual being who had their own journey to follow and complete.

The Missed Phone Calls - A Story About New Relationships and Grief Engendering Grief

It was one of those new fancy cell phones and I had been holding it in my hands all day for fear of missing her call. You see, there is a new person in my life and I have grown very fond of her, even though we've know each other only for a very short while. She was on vacation in France and I was attending a seminar in Montreal (Canada). In order not to disturb the speaker and the other participants, I had silenced the ringer and set the phone on vibrate only.

Sympathy Gifts: Beyond Condolences, Offer Your Deeper Support

Offering condolences can be awkward no matter which side of the gesture you're on. Friends and family may struggle to find the right words while the bereaved may feel like no one really understands what they're going through. Unfortunately, there is no right way to make that process easier, but sympathy gifts can be a step in the right direction.

Sympathy Gifts Can Make the Journey of Grieving Easier

Sympathy gifts may sound like an unusual idea. For most people, their first inclination is to back away from someone who is grieving, reasoning that they need their space or just finding themselves unsure of exactly what to do or say. It's a natural reaction, but it is possible to reach out and offer support with a thoughtful and touching gift.

Emotional Transformations: Dealing With The Death Of A Loved One

Since dealing with the death of my father after becoming his caregiver, I've had to make some adjustments. Even though I could not not wait to get back to my normal life as it was, there's been some differences in my emotions that I have not before experienced. For the first time in my life, I've been losing focus.