A Widower's Christmas Wish List

From as far away as Australia to the British Isles, from Canada to Nigeria, the Widowers Support Network hears the cries of men who mourn the loss of their wife, their soul mates, their partners in life.  Widowed men don’t ask for much, never have, never will.  After all, men who mourn are expected to “get over it,” right?  You know, be a man. Mocho, if you will.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way it was meant to be. 

5 Suggestions for Teachers to Help Grieving Students


The majority of teachers will interact every day with students that are grieving. Teachers naturally want to help but feel like they don’t have the right training to step in. The good news is that in-depth training is not required for teachers to be able to make a positive impression on the lives of their students who are grieving. Here, we offer five helpful suggestions to teachers to be able to support their students.

Tears In Heaven



When I lost my son I didn’t know what to do with my self. Life seemed to stretch on endlessly and it did not include me. I was totally lost and afraid I would never come back from it, never. My friend brought me to singsnap and I started there, singing. It helped and I was surprised. I don’t feel I can sing very well but it didn’t matter. I sang this song for my son and it mattered so much to me.