'Forever Mom'

Well, here we are again. I'm sure some of you are getting tired of hearing from me. That's okay, I'm here anyway. We all have gone through a lot after our child/children passed.  The road we now walk is so rocky and steep, the top so far away. Some of us won't make it and I already grieve for the loss of a light soul passing away from us. More of us will keep climbing, what else can we do? We can step out on different paths to see if they suit us but this main path will always be beside us whatever direction we go.

Kids, Grandkids . . . Then what . . .

I have decided that unless my grandkids are in grave danger; I am keeping my opinions to myself.

I lost my youngest son 8 years ago in a sudden death accident. I have managed to function pretty well with the outside world. I go to a therapist, my doctor on schedule and participate in Grief groups. Not that I’m really concerned with myself however I don’t want my kids to mourn a brother and a mother. 

It seems they don’t quite understand how hard living each day is for me. I will share an example from early on and one more recent.