You Can Find My Love In Rainbows

You can find my Love in Rainbows You can hear me in your heart Although I am in Heaven We are never far apart As starlight dances in the sky Or raindrops touch the ground That is me, sending you my love So you may feel me all around I know that you sure miss me And you cry for me each day I'm right here watching you go on I never went away When you feel the sun upon your face Or see a bird in f

Widowers – Forced to Live in the Shadows

When asked, few people can name even one man who has been widowed.  But given a few moments for additional consideration, many are likely to say, “Oh wait a minute, I do know one.  He lives down the street or works with me at my office.” When I presented this same question to a friend of mine, he failed to recall how his own father was widowed. I find this stunning.