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FRIENDS ALONG THE ROAD (FAR) www.friendsalongtheroad.org

HELP FOR THOSE IN GRIEF: If you are in grief over the death of a family member or friend, and don't know where to turn, please contact Friends Along the Road (FAR), a social movement that provides sanctuary and caring support for those in grief. nonprofit. FAR is free and is supported by gifts and volunteer help.

DAVE AND JUDY INTERVIEWED ABOUT FAR ON FUTURE PRIMITIVE SHOW: http://www.futureprimitive.org/2012/05/david-judy-pierce-sanctuary-anyw…

SANCTUARY ANYWHERE FOR THOSE IN GRIEF: After our daughter Lilli was killed in 1999, my wife Judy and I started Friends Along the Road to provide sanctuary and caring support for those in grief. We listen, offer resources, and give unconditional positive regard. FAR practices the art of creating Sanctuary Anywhere for those in grief, and teaches it to others. As a living model of this, we hope to establish a physical FAR Sanctuary on land in Colorado. The Roadside Memorial Marker Project is another expression of our work: we are compiling a data-base of roadside memorials at our website.

FAR MOBILE SANCTUARY FOR THOSE IN GRIEF: In the fall of 2012, Judy, our cat Honey, and I will be embarking as the FAR Mobile Sanctuary for Those in Grief, traveling slowly from town to town like an old time medicine show, giving presentations, attending festivals and events, and being a safe places in which people may grieve in their own way.

LOOKING FOR LILLI: "Looking for Lilli: Living With the Death of Our Only Child," is the story of how Judy and I traveled the back roads for two years seking reason to live after the death of our only child, and found them. A condensed version is available for reading at www.lillipierce.com/lfl1.htm. "A Father's Astral Diary: Looking for Lilli in the Otherworld" is my search for Lilli's eternal spirit beyond space, time, and apparent death.

GIFTIVISM AND THE MONEYLESS SOCIETY: The Free Society Giftivism Network is a project of FAR devoted to creating money-free, abundant living. Guiltless giving and receiving of goods, services, and skills. Start a Free Society in your community through a forum on our site! https://www.facebook.com/FreeSocietyNetwork