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Helga Bender, MThS, is a trained and certified life losses and grief coach with a depth of personal experience. She helps to navigate this unexpected life, to renew resilience after the chaos of loss to feel normal again and still treasure the past. Complementary session available. See www.helgabender.com

Helga Bender Coaching [email protected] www.helgabender.com
Get the help you deserve for the most difficult journey. I offer a free introductory session to discuss your situation, no obligation, e-mail me [email protected] or http://www.helgabender.com/resources/
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If you are facing loss, get the support you deserve. For additional resources, including a no-obligation introduction coaching session to discuss your situation and renew resilience and tranquility, with Helga Bender MThS,[email protected] www.helgabender.com