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Paige Lee; Speaker, Coach, and Reiki practitioner., owns a small healing center in Boise Idaho. Her mission is to help others release their fears, negative blocks and diminishing beliefs about who they think they are, and become the beautiful, shining soul full of love and light that they truly are. When we let go of our paradigms that hold us prisoner and limit our ability to thrive, we learn to live a life full of peace, abundance, and joyful purpose.

Paige is equally dedicated to helping people who have experienced a profound loss, especially the loss of a child, face and release their emotions and find a way to joyfully connect with their loved one in Spirit.

As a certified and transformational coach, Paige teaches two life-changing courses: Grief Recovery Method and DreamBuilder. She is also an experienced Reiki practitioner. Her spiritual awakening came abruptly and forcefully after her only child, Bryan, was murdered while he was attending college in California in September 2008.

Just as the only world she’d ever known was shattered, a new world opened. A world filled with Hope, Spirit, and Love; a world that allowed her not only to continue having a relationship with her son, but a world that opened her own true self into being.