​​​​​​​So Why Do I Write About My Grief?

So, why do I write about my grief?

I write about my grief because it helps me process how I am feeling and to find calm on the other side of all the emotions that, at times, threaten to tear me apart.


I have learnt, if I resist my grief it completely consumes me, while if I face my grief I can process it and allow myself to embrace the good in my life as well.


By talking about grief and sharing my writing I have discovered that my stories help others as well as helping me.  Over the last 8 years I have connected with people around the world who are grieving. Together we have come to recognise we are not alone.


These comments highlight how my willingness to talk and write about grief has helped others to recognise how important it is to share our stories:


“ ... Judy lives the reality that death is not the end, that love and a relationship are much stronger than death. Her heartfelt letters to her mother offer a clear insight into the power of this Love.  By sharing this journey others will gain strength and confidence to grow their relationship with their loved ones.” ... Glen Lord, President - The Grief Toolbox, CEO - International Grief Institute


“Judy Taylor is a beautiful example of living from the heart, not the head. Her messages spread light around the world. What a true blessing ... I love it! Very raw and honest, Very, very powerful. I think that is what the world needs ... authenticity.” ... Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Creator - Grief Diaries, Co-Founder of International Grief Institute


“Thank you. The tears I have being trying to hide are flowing freely after reading nearly half of your beautiful book. I look forward to finding peace in writing to my mum. Thanks … it is a big help.” ... Hayley Comley


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mum Moments. Having lost my mum unexpectedly last November, so much of what Judy wrote really hit home. I know that I will read it multiple times as I continue my own journey through the unspeakable grief that comes from suddenly losing my mom and best friend” ... Denise Fleming


“I LOVE this book. It has helped me tremendously and continues to help me. For anyone going through grief I would highly recommend it ... It’s a long road, and I miss (my parents) so much. Sometimes there are just no words.” ... Doris Pelletier Jarvis


So let us all be part of the movement to normalise grief. It is or will be a part of life for all of us. It can be overwhelming, raw and heartbreaking. If we talk and write about it we can help soften the blow for everyone who is grieving.


Please feel welcome to share your own grief here.


Jude xoxoxo

Author of ‘Mum Moments – Journey Through Grief’ and ‘HEARTSPACE – Letters To My Mother’ – Both available from The Grief Toolbox

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About the Author
I am a mother, sister, daughter, facilitator, speaker, author and an advocate for self-expression. Over many years I have embraced a holistic approach to life for myself and my clients. I have helped and supported others to embrace their feelings, get to know themselves and make choices that produce positive outcomes in their lives. Everything I had learned and practiced was in my face as I experienced the roller coaster ride of raw grief following my mother’s sudden death. I found writing my thoughts and feelings in my Mum Moments journal helped me deal with the reality and emotions of death which at times overwhelmed me. As I shared my journal with friends and colleagues I was touched that my words had a profound effect on others dealing with the death of a loved one. In one powerful instance my words motivated a friend to reunite with her estranged mother. To observe someone reconnecting with a living relative touched my heart. I felt it important to share my healing experience in order to help others and decided to publish my journal. I hope it will help those finding their way through a difficult time.

My journal “Mum Moments – Journey Through Grief” and ‘HEARTSPACE – Letters To My Mother’ – Both available from The Grief Toolbox

Judy can be reached www.positivesigns.com.au or on her Facebook page