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I am a mother, sister, daughter, facilitator, speaker, author and an advocate for self-expression.

Over many years I have embraced a holistic approach to life for myself and my clients. I have helped and supported others to embrace their feelings, get to know themselves and make choices that produce positive outcomes in their lives.

Everything I had learned and practiced was in my face as I experienced the roller coaster ride of raw grief following my mother’s sudden death. I found writing my thoughts and feelings in my Mum Moments journal helped me deal with the reality and emotions of death which at times overwhelmed me.

As I shared my journal with friends and colleagues I was touched that my words had a profound effect on others dealing with the death of a loved one.

In one powerful instance my words motivated a friend to reunite with her estranged mother. To observe someone reconnecting with a living relative touched my heart.

I felt it important to share my healing experience in order to help others and decided to publish my journal. I hope it will help those finding their way through a difficult time.
<p>My journal <a href="http://thegrieftoolbox.com/products/mum-moments-journey-through-grief#…;“Mum Moments – Journey Through Grief”</a> and <a href="https://thegrieftoolbox.com/products/heartspace-letters-my-mother#.VqEJ…;‘HEARTSPACE – Letters To My Mother’</a>
– Both available from <a href="https://thegrieftoolbox.com/vendor-store/Positive%20Signs">The Grief Toolbox</a><p><p>
Judy can be reached <A HREF="http://www.positivesigns.com.au">www.positivesigns.com.au</A&gt; or on her <A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/Judy-Taylor-Grief-Healing-Love-Inspiration-Hop… page</A><p>