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The last time I spoke to my son all seemed well. My son went through periods of depression as well as suffering from anxiety. However, as we all know humans have an ability to be great pretenders. Especially when a person wants others to think all is well in their life. I wonder sometimes if I missed something in our conversation that night.  I have come to realize there was nothing that I could have said or done to change the outcome. The events that unfolded a couple of weeks later were completely out of my control. Yet, as any suicide survivor can tell you there are always those lingering doubts and survivors guilt. 

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I am a mother of three wonderful sons and grandmother to beautiful baby girls. I am a nurse of geriatrics with psych experience. I've been married for thirty two years and hope for many more! My life changed 5/11/2014 with the death of my middle son Christopher. It's a hard and cruel path I'm enduring! I know things must get better and through sheer effort I will try to make it happen. My hopes are for happiness and a renewed sense of life not merely about existing but about living again!

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