Have you heard about our life force being a pure form of energy? What does it all mean? 

How can "love" be alive when he isn't?

These were questions I struggled with. I really dove deep to find answers that made sense to someone whose background is not university-level physics. I wanted an answer that fit with not just my own faith background, but would seem to fit any "religion". How could one answer be true for a Catholic, but not for a Baptist? How could one answer be true for a Buddhist but not for a Jew? 

My husband Bob passed away after battling illness for more than a decade. Our love was always strong, but in his last years--as his body withered and he had difficulty maintaining a normal body weight--it seemed to me as if his life force might dwindle as well but that was not really the case. He was quintessential "Bob" until his last breath. 

I have searched for answers from those who seem able to communicate with angels or so-called spirits. I have searched for answers from those who can intuit factual information from the universe without direct communication in words but rather via communication on a cellular basis. I have found more truth in the words of individuals than in the dogma of formalized religion. Links to follow. 

What I have researched and know to be exigent, is this: we are all part of ONE life force. We exist with our own level of energy, our own delegated part of the one life force, and when we die our life force returns to its divine spiritual essence thus escaping the limits of a human body. Love is all there is. Love is the purest, truest life force and not only represents but is, the energy that holds planets in orbit; grows green leaves in Spring; creates soft fluffy kittens. 

I am sky. I am leaves on the ground under my feet. I am every other person on earth. We are all part of the love that is life force. Some religions and many people, give our life force a name that represents love to them. In the end, it's still just love. Love is all there is. Love. Never. Dies. 

My husband's body escaped its human limitations more than a year ago yet our love is still strong. I love him just as much as when he was alive. In moments when I am alone with his memory, I feel the love and it's reciprocated. But, how can that be? Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one. Their body is gone but love survives. Love is all there is. Love is physics. Love is emotions. Love is art.

Love is all. 

Dr Wayne Dyer

Abraham Hicks

Doreen Virtue


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I lost my husband in January 2015. He was my stars. He was my everything. I write memories to help me deal with grief--a grief I was not prepared to face. I never would have been ready to say "Goodbye" but I also never would have gauged the depth of grief to be so deep. I hope my poems can help others realize they are not alone in the loss of a beloved family member.
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