Mother’s Day Prep Part 2: Making Space

Life is precious, as you have learned with the passing of your mom. Learn how to create space after releasing guilty feelings and thoughts.

If you've read my first post in this Mother's Day 2013 series, you would have read about giving yourself or your mother the gift of forgiveness... either something you or your mother did, didn't do, said or didn't say.

When we're mad at someone or holding a grudge against someone or something that happened, we think that the other person is drinking the poison of that experience but it's really you who is drinking the poison. I believe we are freed from many of our earthly burdens when we leave the body... but the ones left here on earth still have to deal with some of life's difficulties, like feelings that remain floating around WAY after someone has passed on.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself and your mother the gift of healing this month. Decide this is the month that you begin your healing journey or you move on to the next phase of it. Remove 1 piece of guilt totally, utterly and completely from your life. Release yourself of the burdens it brings and move forward with new found freedom.

Make sure when you open yourself up to forgiveness, you are making room in your heart. Make space for more love and joy to join you. When you create space, there will be a vacuum effect. You may feel this in different ways but be prepared to replace that hole with something filled with love or joy. Perhaps it's a new found person in your life you are now able to be more intimate with. A new hobby or way you spend your time. A new pattern... could be emotional, spiritual or physical. Perhaps that means getting your hair done every 6 weeks instead of letting it get all crazy and not cutting it for 3 years or taking a bath at night after a long day, setting aside time to read a book or spending the time you were feeling bad on writing people love notes, letters, or emails.

Decide how you want to spend your time here in life. It's precious, as you have learned with the passing of your mom, so take time to create a conscious life. Forgive, and make some space for something new and beautiful. I guarantee you that there will be a moment (or several moments) in time that you will realize the work you did was meaningful and brought you further in life that you could have ever dreamed.


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My name is Lisa A. Snyder and I have lost both parents in my 20′s to cancer. My father passed away the day before my 23rd birthday from Hodgekins Disease Lymphoma in October 2004 and my mother passed away when I was 27, to AML (Leukemia), in June 2009. After being by their side during the decline of their health, I learned to be present and to help each of my parents finish up their business here in preparation for transitioning to whatever is after this life, deal with family, hospitals, keeping up my energy level, staying afloat in my own life as well as process my own grief.

Now, I’m working towards understanding how to live and keep living as best I can with life’s challenges I face daily, not having any parents. I’m trying to continue to live a healthy, active and adventurous, art filled life while I attempt to understand how to cope each day that goes by that they aren’t in my physical life.

My Intention is to connect those of us who have lost our mothers, our fathers or both parents, at any age, through art, writing, and focusing on the positive, despite these circumstances that have changed us forever.

Losing your parents could be anything from cancer, illness, sudden death, divorce, separation, being adopted, growing up not knowing who your mother or father was or being cut off from your parents because of your sexuality or life decisions.

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