Mother's Day Prep Part 1: Got Guilt?

Are you feeling guilty? Do you feel like you did or didn't do something while your mom was here with you? Learn how to honor your mom this Mother's Day.

Friday was special. It would have been my parents 32nd anniversary (had they stuck it out AND been alive to see it). I also saw Jillian Michaels, the trainer from the Biggest Loser, live in Philly! As I'm mentally preparing myself for Mother's Day, which is coming up quickly, I am reminded that not only do I already have some tools in my pocket that I've been collecting over the last several years, but I am creating a few new ones.

I'm gonna start with this one: GUILT.

Are you feeling guilty? Do you feel like you did or didn't do something while your mom was here with you? Did you say something you "shouldn't" have said? Did she do something you felt she "shouldn't" have done? Our moms, although angels now, may not have been so much, and neither were we. We aren't perfect, we're human. We're here to learn lessons and sometimes that's easier said than done.

If you're feeling guilt for something that happened in the past, one of the pieces to healing is learning to move through it and let it go. You have to be willing to dive in and feel the feelings. This mother's day, as you prepare to celebrate your mom, celebrate being a mom, or celebrate a mother figure in your life, decide that this is the year to release the guilt --> that thing that happened that day, how your mom treated you once, one of the things that she did that made you who you are, but gave you burdens and struggles along the way. Did your mom play out her own issues through you? Forgive her. Forgive yourself. Start with forgiveness and give yourself and your mom that gift this year.

When you forgive, the weights and burdens you've carried with you dissapear and allow the space to heal, to move on and to get to that peace you've been wishing you'd feel since the day she died. You don't have to forget, but this week, think of one thing you could forgive yourself or your mother for and then do it.

PS - If you have a poem or something you'd like to say, I'm going to be posting your work on my blog, so submit anonymously or not - send me your writings! I'll put it out there to the universe so she hears it.


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