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Building a Future

Helping Others Understand the Loneliness of Grief

Loss and loneliness often go together

“People say they know what I’m going through. No, they don’t. They can’t,” Carter said.

Grief is lonely. No one knows exactly how you feel. It was your relationship and your loss – yours alone.


From the Grieving Heart… 

I feel alone. 

Finding Hope Again

"I'll always grieve, but I'll somehow learn to live again," Will said.

I'm Not Moving On, I'm Moving Forward.

I've grown to hate the phrase "move on." For me, I've always mostly connected it in terms of relationships.

Is There Still Good Out There For Me?

When we experience something good, it seems to be human nature to try and duplicate it.

“Last time it was wonderful. I’m going to do it the same way again!”

“God answered my prayer when I prayed that way. I’ve found the secret. I’m going to pray like that every time!”

“It was awesome the last time we did that. So we’ve planned to do it again!”

Grieving the Relationship That Never Was


A Reason and Time for Every Matter Under Heaven… Even for a Samurai Warrior

A Reason and Time for Every Matter Under Heaven… Even for a Samurai Warrior

Moving Forward and Starting Over

Moving Forward n Starting Over

is something I did not expect 

Moving forward n starting over

is something I will never forget

Moving forward n starting over

is never easy to do

you have to work hard

you have to work on you

you have to want to live a better life

You Have to want to win

I truly believe what you put in

Starting A new Chapter

starting a new chapter

isnt always cake

there is change involved

most people hate

Me I am a trooper 

ive adapted to change

I !ook at it differently

its time to rearrange

look for honesty, kindness when making a new friend

It's such an important lesson we learn in the end

when presented with a new opportunity

Smile Because It Happened

Smile Because It Happened

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief 


#8… After observing a fisherman launch a second stick of dynamite into the lake, the game warden started his engine and shot across the water to make the arrest.  “He yelled on his bullhorn, “Stay where you are.  I am a conservation officer, and you are under arrest.” 

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