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Coping with the Loss of a Parent

The unspeakable truth

Grief and Courage

During the holidays my wife and I were having a discussion about our Being With Grief meetup group. We started this group over a year ago and now have over 60 members. That number tells us there are a lot of people out there who recognize that they are suffering and grieving for one reason or another. Yet, only a handful of those people actually show up at each meeting.

No One Said a Word

My dad died suddenly during Spring Break my sophomore year of high school. My family had disintegrated a few years before, and he was my world. I was stunned, and numb.

For You

Today I will stand tail and remember all our good times

we have shared...Your life was my life and my life was your life as we were one...

I was your mini me, your daughter, your best friend

i will honor you until the end

Time goes by so fast

making my memories hard to last

I miss you dad, I really do

I have to push every day to get through


This is my art work

that I work on everyday.

i also write in a journal 

to make things ok

no matter what's happening 

I must center and pray

That no matter what

tomorrow is a brand new day 

Thank you For listening and here my cries

Nobody knows how I feel inside

only me, which can be frightening at times 

Almost A Year

It's almost a year, that you are no longer here

it feels empty with out you.

I want to live my life guilt free and

know I did all I could do

It wasn't up to me 

I had no comtrol

you leaving this earth

Its almost a year and

it still hurts 

I can't believe it's almost a year

that you are no longer here

A Storm

A storm wakes me

My living room filled with flashing light

I turn my head

I see red

I want to run

to the ocean or the mountains

Somewhere I can catch a sunrise

in peace


A storm like drums

A storm full of sadness

A storm in the dark of night


I smell the air and remember

Memories of my dad

The phone rang it was 8pm and it was my dad.He said do not worry I am ok I will be home in about an hour, he said I love you and I said I love you too. That was going to be the last time I saw him. The phone rang at 10:30 my husband picked up the phone and When he hung up, my husband said do u trust me?

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief

To The Distant Shore of Lake Grief 


#8… After observing a fisherman launch a second stick of dynamite into the lake, the game warden started his engine and shot across the water to make the arrest.  “He yelled on his bullhorn, “Stay where you are.  I am a conservation officer, and you are under arrest.” 

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