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Father's Day

How to Be Supportive When You’re Grieving Too

Coping with the Loss of a Parent

A Swallow-tail Butterfly Took to the Air...

A Swallow-tail Butterfly Took to the Air…


Father's Day Grief

We are just a few short days away from Father's Day.  My behavior is becoming stranger and stranger by the second.

StepDads Grieve Too - Remember them on Father's Day

As Mother's Day has now come to pass and Father's Day approaches Dad's are some times the forgotten grievers and stepdad's, well they feel almost nonexistent in their grief. Trust me, I know. My husband Bryan is the stepdad to my son Brian who we lost 16 months ago in an auto accident.

Reflective Grief

My father died last week. He was 89. He had lived a full life. He had been a productive member of society by all accounts: four children, 9 grand children, 63-year marriage, retired to a beach community in Florida when he was 60, lived with his bride in his own house right up until the last few weeks. Yes, my father was a fortunate man. His entire family came for the funeral services.

"He Didn't Say Goodbye"

11 years ago on Jan, 10, 2005 we buried My Father. He left behind my sister, my brother and Myself along with 13 grandchildren, 3 nephews and His only sister. He left all of us to bare the pain he couldn't. 


Holidays can be lonely. This time of year surfaces our losses and throws them in our faces. We bump into a memory with every decoration, song, or tradition.

HOLIDAYS - When Old Pain Becomes Fresh Again

Pain runs deep. Grief scars are powerful, and sink into the darkest recesses of the heart. Catastrophic wounds can throw us into survival mode for a while.

No matter how old the wound, with the right trigger, the pain can become incredibly fresh again.

Grief is like that. And it’s especially challenging during the holiday season.

When Holidays Bring Sadness

One Sunday afternoon when I was fifteen, my dad had a massive heart attack and collapsed in front of me. They resuscitated him at the hospital, but he never regained consciousness. For a week I sat by his bed and talked about anything and everything that came into my mind.

I knew he wasn’t going to make it.

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