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How to Find Helpful People When Grieving

A New Day

Spring awakens with the dawn of a new day. A new day that I get up and try to feel for my existence. It doesn't come. I'm here but I am not. Twenty eight months. I've come a long way but yet not so far. My needs are small in comparison but simplistically impossible. I want to see your beautiful face. Your twinkling eyes. Your quirky smile.


Since you've been gone

I keep thinking you're coming back.

I waited, day and night

But you never came.

Now...I am so torn...

Can't let go

I often wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you.

God knows I think of you every second of every day.

I think of the special moments we shared.

Those were some of the happiest times of my life.

A pointless new existence

30 Thursdays have dawned since your untimely departure from this world. Since your love and presence was ripped from this physical world.  A world where I had come to depend and thrive on the daily doses of hugs, kisses, smiles and sharing beautiful love.

I am not strong enough without you

It is raining again – I am more comfortable in cold and rainy weather because it mirrors my soul.  Sunny, bright weather seems wrong as it emphasizes a world that continues on happily,  other lives and people in love untouched by my pain – happy sunny weather, happy people in my cold world where I don’t fit in anymore. The cold greyness suits me.

My Heart is Like a Wilted Rose

My heart has been like a hot lava stone inside my chest these past weeks.  My eyes never stop overflowing with hot tears.  It hurts too much to speak, to communicate, to be with other people, to even breathe at times.

Love lives on with pain

There is an old saying "Death ends a life, not a relationship".  I would like to rephrase that:

"Death DID NOT end your life, and it DID NOT end our relationship."

Every Body Has A Spirit

Every Body Has a Spirit

That The Human Eye Can't See

When We Leave This Mortal Earth 

Our Spirit Is Set Free

The Loves We Shared Upon This Earth

With Our Spirit Still Remain

And Will Go On Forever

Until We Meet Those Loves Again

People Have So Many Questions

Unspoken Words Still Fill Their Head

Always Remember Your Loved One

Miss your voice - but so blessed by the love we shared

I panicked when I first realized I don’t have your voice recorded anywhere: no voicemail, no video clip with sound.  A few seconds only of a soundless video clip when I was testing my new camera is the only "live" evidence left...I am so afraid I will forget the sound of your voice.

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