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Keys (Poem)

We pass these keys, to cease this journey

Our mind freezes, admiring the ceilings

Concealing these feelings of loss

Seemingly tossed inside a soulless world

Never taught how to sew the hurt

Yes, life is a tough tour

Although, we seek guides to countour

This maze which consumes the brain

Friendship (Poem)

Smooth flows, smooth flows, there’s no place for more foes

Searching for love in the wrong places, we propose to our roads

Share goals, share gold, that’s how deep the love goes

Every week we see ghosts, so many are fake close

Hatred switches sides like basketball teams, straight after half-time

I'm Not Fine

People are us how we're doing. How are we supposed to answer that one? "I'm fine," is a typical response, even though that might be the opposite of how we feel. 



Another year without you...

It’s always so depressing

     when I realize how long it’s been 

     since I’ve seen you; 

Pain vs. Suffering

Pain vs. Suffering

What do Tony Robbins and the Buddha have in common?

Well, among other things, they both teach us that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Tony explains that suffering occurs when our story for how life should be doesn’t match our reality.

A Letter to Mama, if you're reading...


Finding Comfort in a Pillow

July 17th and I’m standing in a room where exactly 2 weeks ago, my fiancé, Chase, had opened his beautiful


Since you've been gone

I keep thinking you're coming back.

I waited, day and night

But you never came.

Now...I am so torn...

When Good People Say Stupid Things

My dad died suddenly during Spring Break of my sophomore year of high school. When we arrived for the funeral, the sidewalks on both sides of the funeral home were packed with dozens of my friends. I locked eyes with many of them on the way in. A hand slipped into mine. An arm went around my shoulder. 

Avoiding Trust

After feeling broken or lost after a Loss of a Loved one. You create walls of protection that guide you and keep others at a didtance. Is this safe? Probably not but you just feel like no one knows and if they pretend to they just treat you differently. I assure you we may look fragile but inside we are stronger but then there are days we are stronger inside than our appearance on the outside.

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