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Fallout From a Suicide Can Touch Everyone Who Is Exposed

The report "Helping All Who Are Exposed: A New View of Suicide Loss"*(Read more

My Year of Firsts.....They Never End

While attending Jared's second Memorial

May They Always Live Through You

 I hear it quite often asked of me, “How Do I Live Without Them since They’ve Died?”  I want to help you to change that question.

 I ask you to replace this question with, “How can I honor my loved one’s Legacy and Keep them alive within the Hearts of Those who love them since they have Graduated in their Life’s Journey to Heaven?”



Suicide Loss Linked to Psychiatric, Social Difficulties -- and Suicide Risk

A recent summary report,* "Impact of Suicide on People Exposed to a Fatality," raises an alarm about negative effects some people bereaved by suicide suffer from their loss that go beyond their experience of grief. The report is available, below, to read or download. It delineates research evidence that substantiates two troubling facts:

Groundbreaking Guidelines Focus on Compassionate Care for the Suicide Bereaved

After 15 years of advocacy and work in peer support and training as a survivor of suicide loss, I am pleased to announce that I -- and a dozen of my colleagues on a blue-ribbon task force* -- have completed a historic document, Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide: U.S.

A fleeting moment of clarity

It's an amazing, eye opening moment when you realize that the one thing you thought, no, you knew that you personally could never do, would never be able to live through, you can. You are doing it and it isn't going to kill you as you previously thought it would if God forbid it happened to you.

Gentle with my heart

A friend said to me "I don't know how you do it". I told him "you just do". I have to convince myself that Andy is up there, over there, wherever he is and is rooting for me to go on. Pick myself up, dust off the dirt and get back on the horse so to speak.

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