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Groundbreaking Guidelines Focus on Compassionate Care for the Suicide Bereaved

After 15 years of advocacy and work in peer support and training as a survivor of suicide loss, I am pleased to announce that I -- and a dozen of my colleagues on a blue-ribbon task force* -- have completed a historic document, Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide: U.S.

A fleeting moment of clarity

It's an amazing, eye opening moment when you realize that the one thing you thought, no, you knew that you personally could never do, would never be able to live through, you can. You are doing it and it isn't going to kill you as you previously thought it would if God forbid it happened to you.

Gentle with my heart

A friend said to me "I don't know how you do it". I told him "you just do". I have to convince myself that Andy is up there, over there, wherever he is and is rooting for me to go on. Pick myself up, dust off the dirt and get back on the horse so to speak.

When Your Child Dies By Suicide

How can we “live” when our child dies of Suicide?

When I Stand In Your Shoes: Open Letter From a Mom to a Teen by Nina Bingham

I’m going to say to you what I wish I’d gotten a chance to say to my daughter. In 2013 she took her own life at the age of 15 due to severe depression. Since I’ll never be able to say these things to her, as part of me getting better, I’ll say it to you instead (thanks for listenin



10 pills on the counter...
Bag with a needle sharp as a twill...
Some coke on a mirror...
A rolled up dollar bill...

Well this is it...
I promise today...
After I do it...
I'll throw it away

There was supposed to be advantages to having teenage parents

Growing up, I was faced with many challenges being the product of a teenage pregnancy. No matter how many challenges I faced, one of the positives that I thought was a given was that I would grow old and grey with my parents (all of them). We would struggle when I was younger, yes; but as I got older our relationships grew stronger and the bond was greater.

a mother trying to raise awareness after son's sucide

Hi my name is misty allen I'm 36 years old and I have 4 beautiful children even thoe one took his own life on 8/27/14 over an argument with his girlfriend.  I'll never understand why but that's not the point he's gone he was 15 1/2 years old left behind a little brother an older sister and younger sister who we all miss him deeply .

The Brave and Bruised Heart of Forgiveness

"What is forgiveness?" asked the teacher. A little girl answered, "It's the wonderful fragrance that a flower makes when it has been crushed." Like the flower, I think forgiveness is the choice a bruised heart makes when it goes on loving, despite excruciating pain. It's the choice a brave heart makes when it remains open when all the "reasons" are telling it not to.

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