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a mother trying to raise awareness after son's sucide

Hi my name is misty allen I'm 36 years old and I have 4 beautiful children even thoe one took his own life on 8/27/14 over an argument with his girlfriend.  I'll never understand why but that's not the point he's gone he was 15 1/2 years old left behind a little brother an older sister and younger sister who we all miss him deeply .

The Brave and Bruised Heart of Forgiveness

"What is forgiveness?" asked the teacher. A little girl answered, "It's the wonderful fragrance that a flower makes when it has been crushed." Like the flower, I think forgiveness is the choice a bruised heart makes when it goes on loving, despite excruciating pain. It's the choice a brave heart makes when it remains open when all the "reasons" are telling it not to.

The Suicide Club

These days, a big part of any author's job is the sales and marketing of their book. Not only do you have to pen an interesting and relevant literary work of art, but you also have to be equipped to peddle it on social media sites, and pitch it to more traditional media vendors such as radio, magazines, and TV. In short, you have to be willing to sell yourself.

Your Angel Anniversary

It's your 'Angel Anniversary'

Can't believe how time has passed

Seems like yesterday I saw you

Never dreamt it would be the last

You left such special memories

Many hearts were broken too



Even if you hold their hand,
While they take their final breath..,
It doesn't ease the pain at all,
Can't keep tears from being wept

Even if you kiss their cheek..
And get to say goodbye,

Trauma and Survival

everlasting love

we said our love was everlasting
but now your gone
i cant touch you
i cant kiss you

my love for you is everlasting
i can feel you
i can talk to you

our love is everlasting

Suicidal thoughts

I was asked a very important question about suicide and people wanting to take their life so I thought I would expand on that here. I was asked “What would you say to a person if they were considering suicide, now that you know how it hurts? ”

Many Shades of Loss

There are many shades and depths of loss, whether it is a friend, relative or acquaintance. When Tim was a teenager, his best friend, Jake, was killed in a freak car accident. Every year, Tim would go out to Jakes grave on Jakes birthday. He would sit beside it and talk with his friend.

Suicide, Our Children and Grief

It's been over 4 months now that Tim decided to leave this world. The moment I saw him, I changed. I changed so drastically, I don't remember who I once was. I will never walk in that person's skin again. They no longer exist. Not that there isn't some basic personality left, only that preconceived Ideas, thoughts, what I believed, changed the night I found Tim dead.

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